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Oud jongere Lamsi in Patta

Een van onze (oud) jongeren Lamsi benoemd in het artikel van Patta dat hij is begonnen bij JACO.

In het artikel zegt Lamsi: “I started my journey as a producer at Club Jaco. It was a producer workshop every week, and artists like LYZZA, for example, got their start there. The guy who was teaching during the workshops is Evander de Koning, who I still work with closely. From there, he introduced me to the experimental Amsterdam club scene, put me in a position to play a few events and really explained to me how to be a unique, cutting-edge producer by constantly looking at the past and what has been done before to keep innovating. After a couple of years, the workshop ended, and I started to produce a lot for artists. I eventually thought it was time to release some music on my own because I wanted to experiment and have more freedom/control over my own career.”

Benieuwd naar het hele artikel? Check het hier: www.patta.nl/nl/blogs/news/get-familiar-lamsi

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